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Partners and Doulas: Bamboo Dads Reflect

 Dads and Doulas: 5 Reasons Dads Should Demand a Doula, K.H. Weiss

"I can't say enough about your services. It was absolutely wonderful having you as a doula. You made the whole labor and birthing process less anxiety provoking and stressful. Even though I ended up having to have certain interventions I definitely did not want, I was able to deal with them much better because of you. I think there is really something about having another woman there with you during the birthing process. It also gave me more peace of mind because I felt like it wouldn't leave all the support up to my husband, so he could enjoy the experience more for himself and not feel so overwhelmed. Definitely the best $$ I ever spend, and I am absolutely sure I want to have a doula again for our second birth. Hopefully we'll still be in Iowa City then so it can be you again!!" Sarah, Tiffin, IA


"I was a little nervous and skeptical at first when the subject of a doula was brought up.  I didn't want to be replaced or minimized, but I went along with it.  Jun-Nicole was terrific before, during, and after the birth.  She gave valuable advice during labor and complimented the support I could give my wife.  There were several times, especially at the end of labor that she was absolutely needed.  The birth would have gone poorly without Jun-Nicole. If we have another little one, we will have Jun-Nicole there again." Ned, Riverside, IA


As first time parents time parents we had little knowledge of the complexities of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  We wanted to make the entire experience as pleasurable as possible and decided to enlist the help of Jun-Nicole.  Her wealth of knowledge allowed us to make educated decisions as to how we would like to handle different situations and gave us a comfort of the overall process that would have been impossible to achieve without her.  Her ability to keep us both calm during the erratic late stages of birth was nothing short of outstanding and when faced with the first scary nights at home with a new baby girl she helped keep us focused.  The simple truth is she helped us have an enjoyable pregnancy and birth, and allowed us to become self-sufficient parents at home.  The services she provides are truly priceless." James, Iowa City, IA


"You balanced the right amount of private time between myself and M. with the time you spent guiding both of us.  You offered comfort and knowledge so he could support me with confidence that he was doing the right things." Valerie, Mt. Pleasant, IA


"It is important for Fathers to realize just exactly why Doulas are sooooo important. It is time to set aside the Macho ideal that we are heroes and are here to save our wives from every pain and discomfort. That as Fathers we MUST realize there is an awesome, and very special if not sacred connection that all women share that we as men do not with our wives. It is not to put down men or not realize the importance of who they are as Fathers. There is an almost mystical, unexplainable connection that someone with the proper energy techniques and training and heart can bring to the process of birth that we as men simply cannot. We however can rejoice and sing and be a part of the most beautiful, magical part of our lives with our wives. WE CAN be a part and witness the power, the majesty, and the awe of birth by being there to add our support to this power unknown to us. WE CAN experience life like we have never experienced it before and come to a deeper understanding of all that life is and all that our wives are that is so often times far beyond our understanding. It is an experience without words and that which can not be defined, only experienced. The doorway to that experience is with a properly trained Doula and that my brothers and Fathers is Jun-Nicole." Dan, Iowa City, IA



NOTE: The families pictured in these pages have given written permission to share their photographs and testimonials



Jun-Nicole Matsushita


Certified Labor Doula (CBI)


Bamboo is a vigorous and versatile plant that symbolizes grace, endurance and compromise as it bends but does not easily break.  Bamboo survives in the harshest conditions and endures nature’s challenges with resilience and flexibility. Standing tall and green year-round a bamboo forest sways in the wind reminding us of the strength, yielding and adaptability necessary during the powerful process of birth.


"I felt confident during the experience because you were there." father


"My husband found Jun-Nicole to be invaluable in guiding him during and after my labor so that he could support me in the best way possible, and he in turn felt much more confident being there. We both agree that her guidance was well worth it at all stages of the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period." Rosemary, North Liberty


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