"I will help you experience an empowering no-to-low intervention hospital birth"

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Birth Doula Packages: Serving Iowa City Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

A doula provides continuous non-clinical support to a woman and her partner during pregnancy, birth, and the early weeks of parenting. As your doula I will help you prepare for your birth and learn about your birth preferences, whether your goal is to have a natural intervention free birth in a home or hospital setting, a medicated birth, or a planned cesarean birth that is family centered. A doula at your side during labor is focused solely on you and your partner to provide emotional support, practical assistance, and a calm, objective presence. During labor I will suggest comfort measures such as position changes, perform light touch, and assist with guided visualizations and breathing. I can make suggestions to help your partner best support you, while allowing them to fully experience the birth as a loving participant. Throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period I can help you understand basic terminology, procedures and medical practices to further your efforts to make informed decisions. As your doula I am part of a whole team where each member has a special role to play in supporting you for your birth.

 Contact Me: Call 319 430 6736 or E-mail

Birth Doula Service:

  • Free consultation visit to explain my services, answer your questions, and determine a good fit

  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support to answer your questions, offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy, early labor and the postpartum period

  • Birth plan assistance to help you clarify your preferences for birth and how to use the document as a communication tool

  • Access to my lending library of books and DVDs about pregnancy, birth, and baby care; hypbirth and hypnobirthing materials

  • Referrals to local care providers and national resources

  • Security that I am available for continuous support without blackout times, dates, or duration

  • Reassurance of a back-up doula.

Prenatal visits: two+ , 2-3 hour visits

  • Define and understand our expectations of one another

  • Assess your needs and desires for birth

  • Discuss preferences for labor and birth, interventions and hospital protocol

  • Share information in the form of articles, handouts, and links

  • Review comfort measures, labor and birth positions and techniques with the birth ball, squat bar, and rebozo/selendang.

Labor and Birth: continuous support

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support for the duration of labor and birth

  • Support in your home and hospital

  • Pain coping techniques

  • Suggestions for positioning and labor enhancing exercises

  • Non-biased, factual information to help you ask questions, allowing you to make informed decisions

  • Casual photographs and camera-filming of your labor and immediately after birth

After the Birth: I will stay with you to provide:

  • Initial breastfeeding support to help your baby latch on properly and encourage the establishment of breastfeeding, if desired

  • OR NICU support

  • Make sure you are clean, dry, nourished, and comfortable

  • Help clean up and pack away items and get settled in for your hospital stay

  • Take newborn and family pictures

Postpartum Period: check-in while still at the hospital and visit 4-6 weeks postpartum

  • Check-in at the hospital and in your home to review the birth of your baby and to answer any questions you have during the early postpartum period

  • Referrals to local care providers and resources  as needed.

    Specializing in:

    Hypnobirthing ~ Birth Movement






Standard Birth Doula Package, $700

Repeat Bamboo Birth Families,$600 or previous payment price

Full-time Student Families, $600

  • Interview

  • Prenatal support and 2 meetings

  • Birth Movement Ebook and lesson  Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

  • Attend labor and birth

  • Postpartum support: phone check in while at the hospital and house visit 2-6 weeks after birth.

Planned Cesarean Birth Doula Package, $500

  • Interview

  • Prenatal support and 2 meetings

  • Attend birth

  • Postpartum support: phone check in while at the hospital and house visit 2-6 weeks after birth.

Postpartum Doula Package, $200

  • Interview

  • Prenatal meeting

  • 10 hours of in house post-partum

  • OR $25/hour

Babycarrier Consultation, hourly, $25

Birth Story: From a Doulas Perspective,$75

* Certified Doula services are covered by flex spending accounts

Frequently Asked Questions


Four point guarantee:

  1. You can interview before you commit. A free consultation allows for the opportunity to assess a good match, review your needs, and my services.

  2. No pressure to decide on the spot. I strongly encourage you to contact other Iowa City Doulas, contact my references and discuss doula support with your care provider.

  3. No service = no payment. I do not submit your second payment until after your birth. If I or my back up doula are unable to attend your birth due to an unforeseen event, such as a natural disaster or extremely fast birth, the second fee be adjusted accordingly.

  4. I will not accept you as a client if I feel that we are an ill fitting match or if there are circumstances that will hinder me from providing my services to the best of my ability. I will, in such a case refer you to a doula who can better serve your needs.

Professional qualities that Bamboo Birth families have valued:

  • My clients want to work with a recognized expert and professional as evidenced by my publishing, speaking engagements, and professionally executed service

  • My clients seek experience, certification, and birth expertise

  • My clients respect my leadership role and cooperative approach within both the birth and natural parenting communities

  • My clients appreciate my efficiency, organization, honesty, flexibility, and straightforward approach

  • My clients seek a calm, compassionate, unbiased presence

  • Both my clients and the UIHC hospital staff appreciate a doula who will complement the birth team by being diplomatic, cooperative, and non-judgmental in the birthing space.

What are the benefits of using a Doula? Studies have shown the following benefits of having a Birth Doula present at birth:

  • 50% reduction in c-section rates

  • 25% shorter labour

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 40% reduction in Oxytocin use

  • 30% reduction in analgesia use

  • 40% reduction in forceps or vacuum deliveries

Women who have used a Doula are more satisfied with their birth experience, feel more confident in their ability to mother, bond faster with their newborn, are less likely to have Postpartum Depression, and are more likely to breastfeed. ~ Klaus, Kennel, and Klaus 2001

I am planning an Epidural for my Birth. Do I need a Doula? Absolutely. Once the decision is made to have an epidural I will be able to help expedite the process as well as support you until the pain medication takes effect. It is my philosophy to provide continuous support with or without an epidural. With an epidural it is important to continue with position changes while resting. I will make sure that you and your partner are comfortable. Once the pushing stage begins you may need help supporting your legs and also changing positions as needed. With the proper support we can help you to hands and knees, side lying, even a squat. You do not have to be flat on your back.

I am having a planned cesarean birth. Do I need a Doula? Yes. Once the decision is made to have a planned cesarean birth I will be able to support you for a family-friendly birth. We will review your birth options and the hospital protocol. I will join you at an agreed upon time during your hospital intake. With the permission of the surgical and anesthesia team I will be at your side during the birth and stay at your side when your birth partner follows your baby to the nursery or NICU. I will stay with you until you are resting comfortably, and have held your baby or visited your baby at the NICU, depending on the type of care that your baby will receive after birth.

What training have you had? I am trained and certified as a labor doula through Childbirth International.  The certification involved a six week hands on childbirth class; a curriculum focus on communication skills, physiology, and birth doula skills; birth evaluations; readings; and an essay. I continue to enhance my training with workshops and Continuous Education Units beyond my certification. In addition to my certification I am informed by a strong background in mind and body training with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education (University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA), a Master’s in Health, Leisure and Sport Studies and Ph.D. coursework in Sport Studies at the University of Iowa.

Is doula care covered by my flex spending account or my health insurance? Yes and maybe. Yes, flex spending is covered for certified doulas.  I will compile an invoice that you can submit through your flex spending under the category “childbirth education and services.”  Insurance providers have recently allocated a code for certified doula services. Please contact your provider.

When should I contact you? I have had potential clients call before they were pregnant, the day they found out they were pregnant, all the way through to a week prior to their due date.  The benefit of hiring me earlier is having access to my service and resources and also guaranteeing your spot. I am very flexible. Please contact me to find out availability and a good match.

What happens if I go into labor prior to 38 weeks, when you go on call? Call me and I will be there. I have attended births as early as 33 weeks. When I am on call I do not eat garlic, leave the city, and generally limit my activities to be able to join you within an hour. So no 3 hour hikes or camping trips.

Do you have a backup doula for times when you are not available?  Yes, a backup will be available if I am unavailable due to an emergency, illness or if I am at another birth.  I will discuss with you which member of the Iowa City Doulas cooperative you would like as your backup.  

Can you provide references? Yes, I have a list of references who have agreed to speak with prospective clients. Please ask them what they did and did not like about working with me. I encourage you to talk to your care provider as well. Please visit the Testimonials and Doulas and Partners pages.

A large percentage of my clients come through referrals from people like you. If you would like to refer someone to me for doula services, please send them to this website and pass on my phone number (319-430-6736) or my email so that they can contact me.


Do you know the benefits of doula support? Doulas and Bradley Childbirth Couples


I am there to support your wishes and to facilitate your journey to parenthood in an environment of security and confidence

phone: 319-430-6736


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Jun-Nicole Matsushita


Certified Labor Doula (CBI)


Bamboo is a vigorous and versatile plant that symbolizes grace, endurance and compromise as it bends but does not easily break.  Bamboo survives in the harshest conditions and endures nature’s challenges with resilience and flexibility. Standing tall and green year-round a bamboo forest sways in the wind reminding us of the strength, yielding and adaptability necessary during the powerful process of birth.


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"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me give birth in the way I always dreamed and hoped. I will always remember anchoring to your voice at the peak of those hardest contractions and feeling centered and strong through your skilled and gentle guidance. Especially when I hit transition and you got me re-grounded. I can't imagine having done it so perfectly without you. I will never be able to express the depth of my gratitude for your involvement in one of the greatest most profound experiences of my entire life. You make natural birth easy."

Kristie and Usama, Fairfield, Iowa

"I just wanted to write down how glad we are that you were our doula. It is clear you love your work and that you really care about parents and their babies. It really helped put our minds at ease knowing that you would be there to support us for the labor and birth. We also appreciated your thorough prenatal visits and postnatal follow up. Thank you for being there to help welcome Juniper to the world!"

Violet and Mike, Iowa City


"I felt like you really helped and assisted the family and made the situation even more exceptional than what a delivery is anyway."

UIHC L+D nurse


"My experience with Jun-Nicole was very positive and I would gladly ask her to be my doula again. She worked very well with the staff at the University of IA hospital. Her approach with me was calm, diplomatic, and focused on presenting options so that my husband and I could make the choices and decisions that suited us best. She backs up your choices completely, but also understands and accepts the need for interventions under certain circumstances (in my case, a c-section). My husband and I were completely comfortable having her at my labor.

Prior to the birth we met twice for extensive discussion. She called periodically to check on things as well. She responded quickly and very completely to any questions I had throughout my pregnancy. Her recommendations were spot-on and very useful. She knows the resources of this area very well and is well-equipped to answer any kind of question.

I think she is an excellent teacher - her instructions for breastfeeding and sling wearing (she provides clients with a sling for use during labor and to carry the baby afterwards) were clear and concise and she provided immediate, constructive feedback so that I could understand the principles and improve how I was doing things.

My husband found her to be invaluable in guiding him during and after my labor so that he could support me in the best way possible, and he in turn felt much more confident being there. We both agree that her guidance was well worth it at all stages of the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period.

I also really loved having video and images of my son's birth and first breastfeeding. She provides you with a CD of these at the postpartum visit. Simply irreplaceable, and something my family and I will always cherish."

Rosemary and Mick, North Liberty, IA

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