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Jun-Nicole Matsushita


Certified Labor Doula



Bamboo is a vigorous and versatile plant that symbolizes grace, endurance and compromise as it bends but does not easily break.  Bamboo survives in the harshest conditions and endures nature's challenges with resilience and flexibility. Standing tall and green year-round a bamboo forest sways in the wind reminding us of the strength, yielding and adaptability necessary during the powerful process of birth.


"I think fondly of my birth every single day. I know everyone says the day your child is born is the best day of your life and it's true, but her birth was the best event of my life. It has really changed me and how I see myself. Thank you for your part in that." Elisa, Cedar Rapids, IA


"I am always happy to see you in one of our client's rooms." University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Certified Nurse Midwife



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August 22, 2013


Hello and welcome to Bamboo Birth Services, 

I am Jun-Nicole Matsushita, certified birth doula in Iowa City. I can help you experience a positive, comfortable, safe, birth in the hospital. I will help you with a natural birth, low intervention birth or a medicated birth with a low intervention approach.


You have come to the right place if:

  • You are a woman planning to give birth in Iowa City with a certified professional doula who has attended over 100 births over six years.

  • You are a couple who wants to be prepared with the tools and information to make informed decisions during your pregnancy, birth, and as parents.

  • You want an advocate to provide continuous informational, emotional, and physical support.

  • You want somebody there to reassure your birth partner with information, make suggestions on how best to support you, and provide the time and space for them to eat and rest.

  • Perhaps, you had a stressful or even traumatic past birth and are seeking non-judgmental guidance.

  • Perhaps, you had an unexpected cesarean section during your previous birth and would like to experience a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

  • You want a certified professional with you during your birth from the time you call me to be with you until you are resting comfortably with your baby in your arms.

For this birth you may be interested in:

  • Staying mobile and following your bodies desire to change positions during labor and birth.

  • Using Birth Movement through positioning, the birth ball, rebozo/selendang sling, labor tub, or squat bar.

  • Using Hypnobirthing techniques and guided imagery as coping skills.

Action Plan. If you are the person who wants to learn what options you have and would like to work with an expert to help you prepare for and experience an empowering hospital birth enjoy and explore the following pages:

  • You will find my Birth Doula Packages and Frequently Asked Questions on the Birth Services page.

  • Find out how my training and background influence my birth work on the  About Me page.

  • You will find where Bamboo Birth is featured in the Press and present in the Community on the Media page. 

  • Hear from past clients and health care providers on myTestimonials page.

  • Find out how partners feel about working with me as their doula on the Partners+Doulas page. 

  • Discover Other Services available to you: Birth Movement and Birth Plan Workshops, Postpartum Doula Services, Birth Plan and Babywearing Consultations.

  • Create and share your personal Gift Registry from the womb to the playroom to the schoolroom.

  • You will find links to local childbirth classes, care providers, holistic practitioners, support groups, and both National and online support forums and information on my Resources page.

  • You are invited to connect with Bamboo Birth on the Bamboo Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Questions? Enquiries? Suggestions? Messages? Contact Me and you are invited to sign the guestbook.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you.

Please call me at 319-430-6736 or E-mail 

Your bamboula,

Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Certified Labor Doula (CBI), Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula (HCHD), MA


Step One: Enjoy and Explore my website to find out how I may support you

Step Two: Make phone or e-mail contact

Step Three: Schedule your consultation visit.

Step Four: Find Bamboo Birth online and Connect:


Step Five: Tell a friend.

Yes, they can have a positive hospital birth experience!!

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Author Spotlight

Birth Movement: How to Use the Birth Sling, Squat Bar, Birth Ball, and Positions for Your No-to-low Intervention Hospital Birth, 2011, author Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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Fall 2013






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I am there to support your wishes and to facilitate your journey to parenthood in an environment

 of security and confidence

phone: 319-430-6736


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